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Archive | September, 2009

What Were YOU doing on 9/11?

September 11, 2001. I am sure you remember where you were. I am sure you remember what you were doing. I know I do. We always remember where we were when Elvis died…(if you are that age)…or more recently maybe when you heard about Michael Jackson’s death? What I  really hope we all remember is […]

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WOW…B of A…Your Customer Service REALLY STINKS!

Bank of America is making life hard for a GREAT borrower. Ok…I know the guidelines have tightened …a lot…but here is a maddening story about a GREAT client I am working with. Ms. N… I will call her… went into visit with her personal banker over six weeks ago. She has all three credit scores […]

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To Short Sale…or to Pretend You Don’t Have To…

Over the weekend I showed a very nice home to a client. We have been trying to NOT get involved with the short sale/foreclosure fiddle-de-de…and concentrated our efforts on the “old-fashioned” seller-is-in-control deals. (We have a short sale offer out there that was written on Halloween…but that is a whole different story!) Well…SURPRISE! We made […]

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