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B of A Modification Program…Maybe The Start of Something Good?

Ever since this “mortgage meltdown” many of us in the business have been of the mindset that the only TRUE loan modification program that would make a difference MUST include a  PRINCIPAL BALANCE REDUCTION! This has now been proven to be true as a great number of loan modifications that have been granted in the […]

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Inspections Are Just Another Round of Negotiations

Sellers and buyers need to be educated about the inspection process as it can sometimes make or break a transaction. Our contract here in Arizona gives the buyer a ten day period, after acceptance, to perform any and all inspections and then relay to the seller, in writing, the list of requested repairs. It sounds […]

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WHAT IF there was a simple fix to the short sale fiasco? What am I missing?

  This agent’s solution is too simple for the government to actually consider it…but WHAT IF? Via Amy Jones (Chandler, Arizona RE/Max Excalibur): I’ve been thinking…  could there be an easy fix to the short sale industry mess? What if sellers were required to have an approval from their lender PRIOR to listing their home […]

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Saga of B of A (Countrywide) Short Sale

My client is the most patient man in the world…well maybe not the MOST…but right up there. He has been waiting for short sale approval since December 2008. And as he recently told me after using Google to search “Bank of America Longest Short Sale” …he is NOT the record holder! We originally offered $330K […]

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