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Homebuyers Beware of Indoor Environmental Concerns

Mold. Chinese Drywall. Radon gas and carbon monoxide. Drug labs. These are all potential hazards that may exist in the home you are purchasing here in the Phoenix, AZ area. How do you do know what you are buying? Well…I have some suggestions to help guide and educate my clients. Let’s start with the most […]

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Strategic Foreclosure…A Good “Strategy”? Or Not?

Homeowners have found themselves in foreclosure for a number of reasons. Some lost their jobs–the national unemployment rate remains in the double digits–and had no way to make mortgage payments. Here in Arizona we have one of the highest rates of unemployment anywhere. Some people simply purchased properties they could never really afford. Some got […]

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No One Wants to Talk About It…But It Is A Real Threat!

I went to a class yesterday entitled “What Realtors Need To Know About Terrorism”. I left with a better understanding of how we as “regular folks” in the community can help law enforcement fight terrorist…both “homegrown” and abroad. Arizona is on the cutting edge of the fight. Below is the Mission Statement and Vision Statement […]

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There is NO Logic In Today’s Market!

How do you express that it is not logical to think logically? And why would you even try to do such a thing? Well…let me tell you. When you are an agent in the Phoenix market and you are trying to explain the “short sale process” to your clients all logic is lost! I just […]

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Agents, Please Make Sure I Can Access Your Listings If You Want To Sell Them!!

OK…I get it that not every agent previews for clients…but I really make an effort to do so. And I have to say it is SO FRUSTRATING when I can not get into homes to preview! Yesterday I had a stack of 11 listings to preview for two clients…in really different price ranges. Client one […]

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Inspections Are Just Another Round of Negotiations

Sellers and buyers need to be educated about the inspection process as it can sometimes make or break a transaction. Our contract here in Arizona gives the buyer a ten day period, after acceptance, to perform any and all inspections and then relay to the seller, in writing, the list of requested repairs. It sounds […]

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