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What to Know If You Are Buying A New Build Home

Over the years I have sold literally hundreds of homes…and many of them have been brand new never-been-lived-in homes. Here in the Valley we have dozens of homebuilders…and they all have different policies and procedures. But there are some things I find very similar across the board. Now…as a disclaimer…I am NOT talking about the […]

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Chateau on Central…Urban Brownstone Mini-Mansions!

I have had my eye on this project for a long while. I have sold many homes in the downtown historic areas…and this place has been the talk of nearby neighbors for some time. The property has been tied up in Mortgages Ltd.’s financial problems for the past few years. Original lender, Desert Hills Bank, filed […]

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Homebuyers Beware of Indoor Environmental Concerns

Mold. Chinese Drywall. Radon gas and carbon monoxide. Drug labs. These are all potential hazards that may exist in the home you are purchasing here in the Phoenix, AZ area. How do you do know what you are buying? Well…I have some suggestions to help guide and educate my clients. Let’s start with the most […]

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Inspections Are Just Another Round of Negotiations

Sellers and buyers need to be educated about the inspection process as it can sometimes make or break a transaction. Our contract here in Arizona gives the buyer a ten day period, after acceptance, to perform any and all inspections and then relay to the seller, in writing, the list of requested repairs. It sounds […]

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