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WHY Do Good Loans Go BAD?

Well…I can answer this question! The loan process is just that…A PROCESS. Have you ever heard someone say they thought they were approved for a home loan and in the end they did not qualify? Let me tell you some “insider” secrets as to why… Lender, Gina Chavez, shared with me some of the main […]

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FHA Changes Buyers Need To Know

If you have been around for awhile in the “game” of real estate…you know the rules of lending have changed time and time again. And now…AGAIN. The most recent changes apply to people seeking a FHA loan. Mortgage insurance premium (MIP) is going up 4/1/2012 – The upfront financed premium is going from 1.00% to 1.75% and […]

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My Friend Kate…And Her Legacy

Our friend Katy was stricken with breast cancer. We were devastated…but had endless faith that she would beat it. She did not. On April 16, 2011 we were by her side when she passed. This sounds like a sad story…and it is…but recently we had a glimpse into how she REALLY made a difference in this […]

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1420 E Vendado Dr. New River, AZ

This is a custom built spectacular home with views galore and a wonderful horse set-up in New River, AZ. New River is named after the seasonal wash of the same name, part of the Agua Fria River system which drains into the Salt River. New River has managed to expand without losing the rural feel of the community. This […]

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