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Pitfalls, Perks, Ins and Outs of Short Sales

It is common here…and becoming more common in other states. What? Short sales. So first, let me start by stating the common definition of a “short sale”. The situation is this. Someone (we will call them the “owner”) purchased a home and financed it through a bank (we will call them the “lender”). Or, another […]

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Thinking About Buying A Condo? Make Sure You Know About The HOA

Home Owners Associations. The very words strike fear in many folks. And often with good reason in this economic environment. What’s the big deal you ask? Well more and more we are seeing issues with HOA’s. These issues vary from lending hurdles to serious financial shortfalls within the association. Here are a couple of examples […]

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Search The Phoenix Area MLS…Just Like Agents Do!

We are blessed to have one of the most sophisticated Multiple Listing Services (MLS) available…and I let my clients create searches and save favorites…just like I DO as an agent! Without exception…if you are using ANY OTHER SEARCH…it is via a third party and typically NOT as accurate or comprehensive as the search you can […]

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Fannie Mae Wants You To “Know Your Options”

Many folks are facing financial difficulties be they they short or long term. If that is YOU…you should start exploring your options TODAY! Even if you haven’t yet missed a mortgage payment, but are worried you might fall behind soon, now’s the time to start t learning about your options. You may be eligible to […]

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Homebuyers Beware of Indoor Environmental Concerns

Mold. Chinese Drywall. Radon gas and carbon monoxide. Drug labs. These are all potential hazards that may exist in the home you are purchasing here in the Phoenix, AZ area. How do you do know what you are buying? Well…I have some suggestions to help guide and educate my clients. Let’s start with the most […]

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