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You Only Turn FIFTY Once!!

Fifty sounds so OLD…but I understand it’s the new forty!  😉 And my niece told me, “You don’t seem fifty cause you are so immature”. That’s a backhanded compliment for sure! I like to think I am a good friend to my “people”. A good wife, sister, daughter, aunt and in-law. But this birthday I […]

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A Wedding to Remember!

Ok…truth is I do not get really excited about weddings. Mainly because I have been in too many to count…and most of the “icky” bridesmaids dresses have turned into Halloween costumes. Having said that…we recently attended an AWESOME wedding. It was held at the Raven Golf Course which was a wonderful setting. At sunset. With […]

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EPA and Lead Based Paint…Is This a FIASCO Waiting to Happen?

I try to keep up with changes in legislation that effect my business. And there are typically MANY of them on the local, state and national levels. But this one slipped by me. According to the EPA’s web site, as of April 1, 2010 “Renovations in target (pre-1978) housing and child-occupied facilities must be conducted […]

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